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My Story

For years the fitness industry has emphasized weight loss and physical appearance over true health and wellness. When I started in my career as a fitness trainer I desperately wanted to fit the image of the trainers portrayed in the media. After struggling with chronic dieting, eating disorders, and poor self image, I realized that the fitness industry has it all wrong.

My personal transformation began as I was training for triathlons. After regaining confidence in myself and finishing two Ironman races (3.8km swim - 180km bike - 42.2 km run), I realized that ordinary people have it in them to accomplish extraordinary things.

I created this lifestyle transformation program as a means to help others find their potential and encourage them along their journey to true health and wellness. With my help you can reach your extraordinary too.

Ruth-Anne Penner

How Our Coaching Will Help Transform Your Health and Wellness...

  • Provide specific one-on-one nutrition and fitness guidance.
  • Encourage life-long changes and results.
  • Design individualized action steps for you that are relevant to your specific needs.
  • Push you to stay motivated and keep you accountable to your goals.
  • Challenge any limiting beliefs or self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviours you may have.
  • Support your positive physical, mental, and emotional well-being.
  • Ensure your plan is executed safely and effectively.


What People Are Saying About Our Coaching Program...