Rather than face weight-loss on their own, the people below took a brave step to work with a health coach. The results speak for themselves. Read our weight-loss case studies below.

From Being Overweight and Depressed to Becoming an Ironman Finisher

iHomeFitness helps ordinary people achieve extraordinary things. People like Sandi know this full well and are experiencing what life is like on the other side.

Where once Sandi wouldn't even consider exercising or working out in public, she is now a regular participant in local triathlons and has even completed an Ironman triathlon event.

"I joined a cycling group, and once again I remember thinking to myself that I did not belong here with these athletes; but, I persevered anyway, which led me to sign up for my first long distance cycling event. After finishing 160 km and crossing that finish line, I knew I was hooked. So what’s next? I wonder if I can run?"

Sandi Goertzen

Entrepreneur's Inspiring Story of Losing 200 lbs and The Secret Weapon That Helped Him Do It

Working with Mark has been a wonderful experience.

I do not say this lightly, but on a number of occasions Mark has said how I literally saved his life.

Mark struggled with his weight, and now he has shed over 200 lbs. If that sounds too good to be true, then I encourage you to read his story.

"When normal everyday routines like walking and breathing become a struggle for you, it is an indication that you are unwell. I realized that if I continued down this road, I will see the grave sooner rather than later. It was time to make a decision."

Mark Elliot